SEO tips for your Web Design

SEO Web Design for Beginners

Web Design with SEO – Thank you for dropping onto our website, we have put together this list of the top 7 things you should do to improve your SEO on your website, we hope that you find it useful.

1) Great content

First and foremost your aim should be to create great content. Quality has priority, not quantity. If your content contains grammatical errors or is written half-hearted, your website viewers are likely to skip your website immediately.

2) First impression

People like to be informed and entertain at the same time. So informing them on the one hand is indispensable, but try to do it in a playful and fun way. So if a potential customer clicked on your website, first impression is what counts, A good first impression will keep them reading and turn them from visitors into potential customers, who have interest in buying your product.

3) Avoid mistakes

Make sure, that your page is free from any broken links. People mostly get the impression, that the links or your website are not secure and will skip them. And remember, that time is money and people do not have much patience. If your loading time is too long, your page wont get much attention. And remember, that no one likes slow internet.

4) Use Google’s tools

Google of course knows how to handle its AdWords, so your SEO will get a lot better, if you use Google’s tools, such as:

-Google analytics for web design

-Google webmasters tools

-Google keyword suggestion tool

You will have to chose keywords, which are the ones you suggest people will search for to find your web site. Often the well-working keywords are quite different from the ones you believe are suitable. In case you use the Google keyword suggestion, Google might give you synonyms. Or what you probably can not imagine: Using misspelled words, sometimes will work. E.g. “beautiful” is misspelled by people almost as often as it is spelled the right way.

5) Dont’s

Although you can of course rule about your content and your web design , there are some certain points you should better avoid , unless you want your website to be banned by Google. The easiest way to get banned, is the so called black hat SEO. It describes among others the stuffing. Stuffing is using phrases like “Welcome to our fashion page. We love fashion and sell affordable fashion to fashionistas like you. So if you love fashion as much as we do, buy our fashion.” As you can imagine, Google wont support such an advertisement. Another don’t is to choose keywords only because they are popular and likely to get more clicks, but do not have anything to do with your website. E.g. if you sell fashion and use a celebrity’s name as a keyword.

6) Change it up

Your chances that your site is visited more often, will rise if you make appropriate changes every now and then. Popular words people use in case of searching for something change with trends, so adapting them will help.

7) Make it simple and clear

The text should not be too long and adding images is helpful. Again –  web design decides whether visitors will read your web site’s content. And make sure your web site visitors do not get disturbed while looking at your website, which means no popping-up windows. Further guide them to your home site through a well visible home button on every site.


Through following the above advises, you will have a solid base to start your website. If you care for your site and invest some time, your site is certain to get more visitors.

Good look with your SEO!