SEO for small business

SEO for your own web site.

Welcome to our site! We will present you some easy steps to begin with SEO for your own web site.

First and foremost you should produce great content for your web site. Content has priority and is the base for good SEO.

You want to see, whether your work and time, which you investigated into your site was worth it, right? For seeing your results, you can get the tool Google analytics for free. Although it is a long way until your web site gets as much attention as you want it to have, you will keep being motivated and see the slow, but hopefully steady process.

You should be patient, because it mostly takes months until your web site’s traffic will increase significantly. So checking regularly whether your site is clicked on more often and adapting your web site’s content is necessary.

Make sure you picked suitable keywords. There are tools, such as Google keyword planner, which will help you to find keywords your target group will actually search for.

You should not underestimate the influence of paper advertisement. Using local media, such as newspaper and magazines could help you enhance your recognition.

But of course nowadays you can reach way more people through social networks, such as Facebook and twitter. You can create a free profile and give your target group information and keep them up to date with photos, videos and open group discussions. And do not forget to draw links back to your web site.

Start using PPC Marketing. This can get your web site to the top on the search results site. Make your advertisement short so people will know immediately what your product is about.

An important advice is to spread your advertisement not only on Google, but also on other web directors.

Your web site will get a better ranking, if it contains inbound links or links from other high- page ranking web sites

You should be aware of spammers. There are a lot of spammers, because it is a tropical media subject. In case you want to hire a SEO company, make sure they now what they are dealing with and that they have an ethical submission policy.

Good luck and keep being patient!