Local SEO

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Local SEO

Welcome to our page! We will present you doable steps to a better local SEO.

If your business has a physical location, it should definitely be named. If the meta title includes the city’s name your shop is located in, it is more likely that people, who search for something in this city , will find it.

It is a common assumption that competing with big companies by using the same keyword will lead to too much competition. But if you use a popular keyword and add the city you offer your product or service in, the number of results of other companies will shrink immensely.

Did you ever heard of Google places for business? If not, you should deal with it now. You should get a Google places page and be active on it. Setting your geographic target in Google webmaster tools will help, too.

And again some keywords, which will actually be searched by potential customers do not have to be the same ones you expect to be. For this reason, you can derive a benefit from Google’s keyword planner.

Although many people think it is not possible to compete with big companies, small ones have an advantage. Big companies often do not approach their SEO well enough, while small ones invest with consistency.

You should further analyse reviews because online reputation is very important. If there are any bad review, you should talk to the customer who wrote it to deal with it and to prevent further ones.

The most important things to do after finding out who your competitors are, are the following:

– the meta description

– optimizing your URL

– Geo- sitemaps

– schema.org Integration

– Contact Page Configuration

– Optimization of content and image

With this steps you will have a good base for your company’s advertisement.