Google Adwords Management

How to get your web site seen by potential customers

Adwords is a service of Google, which offers advertisement for business. They can display their ads on Google, so if people search for a special keyword, their ads are announced. With Google Adwords Management you can get people find your website, although you might not be a pro in regards to advertisement.

The Adwords give companies, which are willing to pay a CPC (coast per click) the opportunity to be found by potential customers.

The service is focused on keywords, that is to say there is a steady auction over keywords.

The ads are placed either on the right hand site of the search results site, or above the search results. The actual location of the advertisement depends on how much a company is willing to pay.

Google Adwords Management offers different options on how a company can use its balance.

Broad match:

Using this option, means that your advertisement is shown whenever your keyword is searched for. Although most people can be reached trough this method, it does not have to be necessarily very effective.

Negative match:

Choosing this method, prevents your advertisement from appearing if special words or phrases are searched for.

Phrase Match:

In this case the advertisement is only shown, when your exact phrase is searched for. The company can mostly be sure, that people, who see their advertisement search for this exact product and service respectively. But the ad would not be shown very often, which leads to a low traffic on the company’s website.

Exact Match:

This option is even more precisely, because the advertisement is only presented to a person, who searches for the exact phrase and and only in this case.

An advantage of Google Adwords Advertisement Management is that the company always has an overview about its costs. ¬†Their are only cost if a person clicks on the company’s website.

A higher cost per click allows your advertisement to appear on a better visible position on the search result web site.